Timing Belt or Chain

Timing Belt or Chain




Camshaft belts and timing chains…… As there are no two engines the same in this area it is impossible to generalise with this aspect of engine assembly. The best advise is to make sure you have read the workshop manual or www.engineproblem.com.au timing belt specification section(Coming Soon). Ensure you are very familiar with the engine you are assembling. In most cases of reconditioning very few parts can be re-used and complete timing kits should be fitted.

Always be fully aware of the timing settings as some engines have balance shafts using the oil pump gears as part of the timing procedure. Due to the complexity of modern engines in this area I always suggest when assembling an unfamiliar engine.. read the manual first. Correct belt tensions are very important. Always rotate engine at least 3 revolutions after assembly of belts or chains. Finally double check timing marks and belt tensions before covers or timing cases are fitted.

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