Cylinder Head Thickness chart

Cylinder Head Thickness

Standard Cylinder Head thickness chart
ALFA ROMEO 1750 112.00mm
AUDI 1.7 112.00mm
  1.8, JT, D, 7A, 3B 132.99mm
  HX, 5E 133.00mm
  AJ 140.00mm
  JN 118.36mm
BEDFORD Diesel 200, 220 107.89mm
  Diesel 300, 33 107.89mm
  Petrol 214 95.12mm
BMW 1600, 1800, 129.00mm
  2002, 2500, 129.00mm
  2800, 3000, 3300 129.00mm
  S14 95.96mm
  S382 95.99mm
  M10A 124.28mm
  528E 125.10mm
  M42 129.10mm
  DEM30C, M30, 129.28mm
  M30A, M69 129.28mm
  M50 140.10mm
  M12D 148.21mm
  M70, M70A 140.25mm
CHRYSLER 2.0 7T2 Centura 152.40mm
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DAIHATSU F300 93.80mm
  AB20 125.80mm
  CB 126.00mm
FORD Windsor 302 34.93mm
  HA Diesel 82.50mm
  VD, XF 87.50mm
  4G52 90.10mm
  Laser E3, E5 90.50mm
  Econovan 1.4 90.50mm
  Laser E3, E5 90.50mm
  Telstar 1.8, 2.0 91.95mm
  Courier 92.05mm
  Falcon EA, EB 106.05mm
  Cortina 2.0L 94.49mm
  Festiva 1300 107.60mm
  B3, B6, B6A 107.60mm
  B6 109.00mm
  256 114.35mm
  7000 114.35mm
  Maverick TB42 117.47mm
  FP 124.55mm
  Telstar DOHC 124.55mm
  KF, Probe, KL 133.60mm
  B6B 134.00mm
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HOLDEN 253, 308 26.01mm
  Torana 1599 52.46mm
  Blue 202 73.00mm
  4XC1 Gemini 86.00mm
  4ZE1, 4ZB1 93.00mm
  Gemini 1600 93.25mm
  Nova LE 95.30mm
  Camira 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 96.00mm
  Barina 96.00mm
  Commodore VL 106.70mm
  Apollo 3VZFE 122.12mm
  Apollo JM 126.06mm
HONDA Cortina 2.0L 94.49mm
  EH 79.00mm
  EB1, EB2 85.00mm
  ER1 90.50mm
  EW 1.2 90.68mm
  ET, E2, 1.6, 1.8 90.00mm
  B18B 133.05mm
  C25A 133.09mm
  B17A 142.06mm
HYUNDAI G15, G63 90.00mm
LEYLAND P76 V8 6.73mm*
*Measured from head gasket surface to spot in combustion chamber.
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MAZDA 1200 75.69mm
  PB, TB 75.95mm
  G6 90.00mm
  B2600 90.05mm
  TC, UC, E3, E5, VA 90.50mm
  F6, F8, FE 91.95mm
  F2 92.05mm
  B3, B6 107.60mm
  NA, VC, MA 109.00mm
  JE 125.25mm
  KL 133.60mm
  R2, BP 134.00mm
  4DR5 86.10mm
  4D6 87.00mm
  4G3, Galant 88.50mm
  4G5, 4G6, L300 90.00mm
  4D5 94.00mm
  6D57 94.50mm
  4D30, 6D30 94.60mm
  Diesel 6cyl 94.70mm
  6D14 95.00mm
  4G1 107.00mm
  Colt 107.10mm
  6G72 DOHC 132.00mm
  6A12 132.50mm
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NISSAN A10, A12 73.61mm
  120Y 74.20mm
  SD22, SD33 90.00mm
  TD32 90.00mm
  1.8LE 95.55mm
  1.6LT 96.20mm
  KA24 99.00mm
  RB30 106.70mm
  L16, L18, L20, 107.90mm
  L24, L26, L28 107.90mm
  CA20E 116.60mm
  PB6 120.00mm
  Pulsar, E13, E15 120.20mm
  TB42 117.19mm
  Z20, Z24 117.50mm
  SR20 137.00mm
PEUGEOT 505 92.50mm
ROVER 300 Diesel 127.89mm
SAAB B201 A 92.78mm
  900 16 Valve 140.00mm
SUBARU EA71, EA81, EA82 90.60mm
  EJ22 98.30mm
SUZUKI F5A, F10A 93.80mm
  G16A, G10 95.25mm
  G13A 95.40mm
  G10A 125.00mm
  G13 Twin Cam 132.00mm
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TOYOTA 5K 76.00mm
  12R 79.50mm
  K, 2K 79.50mm
  3KB 79.91mm
  3KC, 4K 80.59mm
  3K 81.30mm
  3KH 82.24mm
  2T 86.00mm
  2TA, 2TB 84.81mm
  2A, 3A, 4A 87.00mm
  5R 88.00mm
  2H 88.00mm
  8R, 18R 93.29mm
  4M, 2600 Emission 94.50mm
  3VZFE, 95.30mm
  4AFE, 4AF 95.30mm
  20R, 22R 96.06mm
  1S, 2S 101.50mm
  M, 2M, 103.00mm
  4M Pre-emission 103.00mm
  2Y, 3Y, 4Y 111.52mm
  3SFE 126.00mm
  5L 132.97mm
  1C 133.00mm
  1HZ 133.50mm
  1FZ-F 135.00mm
  2RZ 135.00mm
VOLVO B18B A 86.20mm
  B20 86.70mm
  B18B 87.00mm
  B30 87.00mm
  MAR 90.00mm
  D70 109.00mm
  TD70 109.00mm
  B26, B28 111.00mm
  B27 111.07mm
  TD100B 115.00mm
  B21, B23 146.00mm
  HC 146.11mm

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