Camshaft and Bearings

Camshaft and Bearings


Fitting cam bearings in an engine block with special tools

Fitting cam bearings


Fitting the cam bearings and camshaft…… Measure the camshaft journals as many shafts have the journals ground undersize. Check you were supplied the correct size. Fitting cam bearings in an engine blocks requires special tools. Unfortunately the design of most fitting kits leaves a lot to be desired. Care has to be taken to ensure once fitted the bearings still have the desired clearance and finish. Always spend time inspecting the block for marks or burrs where the bearings mount. Oil up the cam tunnel before trying to fit a bearing. These bearings rely on an interference fit to retain their position so they will show some resistance when fitting. Also spend time lining up the correct bearing to the correct journal as most are of a progressive size. The oil feed holes have to be aligned by eye. Use a piece of alloy welding wire as a guide by placing it down the crank tunnel drilling that goes to the cam shaft bearing. Some front bearings have more than 1 feed hole. Be careful to ensure the bearing is around the correct way aligning both feed holes. Once the bearings are in place, oil the bearing from the crank drilling. Carefully fit the camshaft in the block. Care has to be taken not to mark the bearings as the camshaft is inserted. The camshaft must turn freely by hand otherwise serious camshaft damage will occur on start up.

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