Engine Assembly


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How To Assemble An Engine

(1) Final wash all components.

(2) Always wash the bores with hot soapy water.(test cleanliness with white oiled rag rubbed up and down the bores)

(3) Check all threads, bolts, studs and washers.

(4) Assemble in dust free, well lit area.

(5) Set up engine components methodically.

(6) Check all new parts for quality and compatibility.

(7) Inspect and measure all machined surfaces.

(8) Check quality of all reusable parts.

(9) Measure and record piston/bore clearance, big-end and main vertical oil clearance.

(10) Tighten all series of bolts evenly in a criss-cross pattern, in 2 or 3 stages.

(11) Lubricate all threads and bolt head contact points. Use tension wrench where necessary.(big ends, mains, head, rockers, flywheel, cam gears etc. etc.)

(12) Use locktite where bolts require safety lock.(cam thrust screws, chain adjusters, oil pick up mount, camgear, etc.)

(13) Don’t fit bolts without tensioning immediately.(complete each procedure)

(14) Never fit sump plug without new washer and tightened. (either tighten or leave out, this applies at any stage from dismantling to final assembly)

(15) Use good quality sealer where necessary.(avoid standard silastic)

(16) Fit camshaft bearings with no tight spots. (free spinning camshaft)

(17) Fit crankshaft to turn freely. No tight start on rotation or binding.

(18) Check crankshaft end float.

(19) Check and adjust ring end gap.

(20) Check ring back clearance.

(21) Fit rings correct way up.”inner chamfer upwards, outer chamfer down, unless otherwise marked.”

(22) Oil up rings and pins adequately before fitting, check free fall of rod for tight pins.

(23) Don’t tap pistons down the bore after entry of top ring, gently push pistons down, checking for correct ring drag.

(24) Always check big end side clearance before rotating engine.

(25) Check piston deck height.

(26) Tension cylinder head bolts in correct sequence.

(27) Polish pressure relief valve so it rattles back and forth in housing freely.

(28) Prime oil pump using a mixture of engine oil and petroleum jelly.


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