Oil Pump Assembly

Oil Pump Assembly




Assembling the oil pump…… one of the most important components in an engine is the oil pressure relief valve. The valve and housing should be linished until the valve freely rattles back and forth. Always understand the operation of the particular valve so it is fitted on the correct side of the spring. The oil by pass valve should be inspected and replaced if necessary. Some engines have a ball valve fitted to the block. It is very important that this valve is sealing as the long term life of the engine depends upon all the oil being filtered before re- entering the oil galley. It is necessary to dismantle new oil pumps as they often have machining swarf left in them. They also should be primed using a mixture of petroleum jelly and engine oil in the gear housing. Use only enough petroleum jelly so the pump can still be freely rotated by hand. Don’t use grease as the melting point is too high. In the case of a flanged pickup that is bolted to the block or oil pump housing it is important that the straightness of the flange is checked and re- machined if necessary.

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