Fitting A Reclamation Sleeve

Fitting A Reclamation Sleeve

Fitting a reclamation sleeve procedure repair on harmonic balancer snout


Like threaded inserts, reclamation sleeves are possibly the best commercially produced repair innovation ever introduced to the service repair industries. The auto trade has saved the consumer millions of $’s by simply repairing the worn component with a sleeve rather than replacement. The quickest and most reliable method is to fit a commercially manufactured sleeve called a “speedi sleeve”.

These sleeves come as a kit and include the fitting tool and instructions. If the instructions are followed the repair will be very successful. Quite often the re-sleeved component has a longer service life than the original part due to the high wear resistant characteristic of the stainless steel sleeve and the slightly increased seal pressure attained. A successful repair is not as simple as slamming a sleeve onto a worn shaft and thinking hey presto. Important engineering practices must be adhered to if a workmanship guarantee is to be given. Don’t blame the sleeve if you have a failure as their quality control is unquestionable.

A few important points to remember when fitting a thin sleeve. The shaft being sleeved must be free of burrs. The shaft must be linished and rust free. If the shaft is out of round the sleeved shaft will still be out of round. If the wear damage is significant the shaft wear must be filled to allow heat transfer. The thin sleeve must be fitted squarely as distortion will be introduced rendering the sleeve useless.The sleeve must be suitable for the shaft size and repaired length required.The perfect application for reclamation sleeves is to repair seal positions on shafts and flanges. These sleeves can be fitted over original size shafts and flanges or reground shafts.

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